Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks When You Sell A Home

Now that your home is on the market with a REALTOR, we suggest you read these helpful hints. They will make selling your home a pleasant experience.

Make Good First Impressions: The grounds around your home should be well manicured in summer or winter. Have the lawn mowed and raked, shrubs trimmed, driveway and sidewalks clean, and all debris removed from the outside of the house.

Arrange shades and drapes to give maximum amounts of light to your home. Replace all burned out light bulbs and repair faulty switches. Light colors add cheerfulness to dark rooms, especially kitchens.

Prepare to move: remove all personal items like photos from walls and surfaces and box them up. Buyers want to see themselves in the home and not see photos of the sellers.

Cracked plaster, loose door knobs, and crooked light fixtures are among the small items that can easily be repaired. Small things sometimes hinder a sale more than large repairs do.

Display your storage and utility space by removing all unnecessary accumulations in attics, stairways, basements, and garages. They will appear much larger than they actually are.

Correct faulty plumbing. Leaky faucets can discolor porcelain and call attention to plumbing defects.

Make your home presentable by touching up paint and shampooing carpets etc. This will create a much more appealing appearance. Buyers see all the dirt.

If you have pets it is recommended that you keep them out of the way or out of the house if possible. Some people are uneasy around animals and they may distract the potential buyer from the house itself.

Your home should be kept at a comfortable temperature and be inviting to buyers. If it is cold and a buyer rushes through the house they will probably not buy it. You want a buyer in your home as long as possible so they can appreciate all it has to offer.

Make your home presentable. Having to apologize for adverse appearances emphasizes the defects of the home.

Leave the home during showings. Buyers feel more comfortable in your home if you are not there. Leave it clean and inviting, but make sure you are not in the home. Leave it to a REALTOR to escort potential buyers through the home.

Always be prepared to show your property. If you delay a prospect, it may cost you the sale. Your REALTOR will always arrange appointments with you in advance.